I'm Surojit

I am a multidisciplinary designer. I design for the intersectional space between the humans and the machines with a human-centered approach.


Bridge connects the two ends of the classroom, the teachers and the students.
It is a marker that converts data from analog(print media) to digital and sends it to an anonymous platform(website). It saves a lot of time for the teacher and also makes sure that every student gets equal opportunity to raise their problems without any fear of judgement.

Computer Vision


Ponyu is a trainable autonomous plant vase made for smart homes of the future. The emergent result is the spaces you remember to take care of will slowly flourish with the immigration of plants – those forgotten places will grow barren through the exodus of plants.

Trainable User Interface


Airo is a personal, yet not personalized radio. It challenges the filter bubble phenomenon and explores an alternative way of experiencing social media. It reads out tweets for you. When expanding the fan, you are also expanding your horizon by hearing more about what is happening not only relevant to you, but also around the wider world.

Physical Computing


Cicero is a service that allows locals (and long-time migrants) willing to volunteer sporadically help and/or accompany newcomers in achieving small tasks, practical or otherwise, that may help them feel more secure in Denmark (new country). It is envisioned as a mobile app that provides a help seeker (a recent migrant) and a help giver (a benevolent volunteer) a platform to connect with each other.

Service Design


BRYDM is a smart device that senses the breathing pattern of an individual and generates a note according to it. Multiple people can sit in a space and use it at a time to experience the synchronous breathing. BRYDM can be a useful tool for people working in teams where they need to be in sync with the other team members.

Sensory Design


Baöbaö is an interactive installation which responds to the presence of people nearby. Every unit has an adjustable range within which it detects stimuli kept in its vicinity. On detecting a stimulus it changes its shape and gives a bowing gesture by leaning towards the stimulus.

Interactive Installation


d'gree, the weather app designed especially for frequent travelers and people who are trying to cope with a new city they have moved into. Where most of the weather apps emphasize majorly on the temperature, d'grees shows it visually as a combination of temperature, wind, and moisture in a more intuitive way.

Graphical User Interface